Xanax 1 mg : A Medication To Treat Anxiety

1 mg xanax for sale  ‘Zanies’ and ‘planks’ are the popular nicknames of Xanax bars. Xanax bars usually can be broken into quarters and this dosage can be taken individually. Each bar has 2-milligrams per dose but after breaking it into quarters its dosage becomes 2,1-milligrams. 0.5 milligrams and 0.25 milligrams are the lowest doses. People often increased their dosage from 1 small quarter to 2 small quarter-sized squares.

Even some people take the whole Xanax bar at one time. This sometimes even makes the person suffer from irritability, hyperactive behavior, and aggression. Other than these many other symptoms could also take place like drowsiness, low blood pressure, withdrawal symptoms, and chest pain. To escape from panic attacks and shaking which came under withdrawal symptoms the patient should continue taking this medication. Suddenly stop taking this medicine may harm the person.

Side Effects:

If one is using this medicine to get rid of the effect of Xanax, then they are taking this at their own risk. Taking this medicine regularly develops a kind of addiction in the patients towards the drug. As a result, despite taking less they started taking it more.

Sometimes many people take this dosage with alcohol which develops tolerance and could even do irreparable damage to the body.


This medication is very popular among teenagers. As in teenage life’s one has to suffer from too many anxieties among which depression and stress are always found common in all of them. Previously, to increase the likelihood of a life-long dependence this medicine is used by teens, and now it used by them to decrease their stress level. This is problematic. “70% of teens are addicted to alcohol.”

According to the 2016 report, most of the teenagers found to be less than 15 years of age. These students then hooked on Xanax after being addicted to alcohol. These medicines are widely available in schools also, whereas, some of them get this medication from their parent’s medicine cabinet.


A pregnant mother should never use Xanax bars during the period of pregnancy as it may cause damage associated with fetal development problems to the unborn baby. During pregnancy muscle cramps and anxiety are common in a woman. At this time, one can use benzodiazepine to relax them. But if one is taking Xanax bar’s in her dosage then she could suffer from tremors, nausea, and seizures. If the mother is abusing Xanax bar’s then the chemicals may pass to the unborn baby and may cause harm to the baby through the bloodstream.


Due to aging and getting away from loved ones seniors feel anxiety. Due to their age, they may also suffer from muscle cramps and taking Xanax bars could reduce their pain. Unfortunately, in seniors, there is a risk of standard side effects of this medication. They may suffer from fatal overdoses, broken hips, falls, vehicular crashes and Xanax addiction.


Buy xanax 1 mg are used to reduce anxiety disorders related to stress and depression. There are various effects of this medicine at different stages of life. A pregnant woman should ignore taking this medicine as it may cause harm to the unborn baby. Seniors should not take it as it may cause internal damage to their bodies. Students, less than 15 years of age should not take if addicted to alcohol.


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